Terms & Conditions


Quotes are provided solely with the information given buy the hirer. The quickest and safest route will be decided by the company unless discussed previously with the hirer.


The hirer is responsible for the actions of all the passengers on board and will be responsible for any costs incurred to any changes of journey.

Route and Times

We reserve the right to additional charges for additional mileage or time changes that may occur after booking is made. It is the hirer that has to ensure that all passengers keep to those times. We will not accept liability for any loss incurred by hirer or passengers who do no follow times or otherwise.

Drivers Hours

The hours the drivers are allowed to operate are regulated by law and are closely monitored.
The driver must NOT be interrupted or delayed by the passengers at any time.

Vehicles and Seating

The vehicles all have a seating capacity and this will be discussed on booking and must NOT be exceeded at any time.

Booking confirmation

Bookings will be confirmed by telephone or email and courtesy calls will be made prior to date of journey.


Cancellations made by the hirer within 48 hours of the journey will still be charged in full, if cancellation 7 days prior to the journey the £50 deposit will be non refundable but any other payments will be refunded. If we the company cancel the booking for any reason beyond our control then a full refund will be given.

Deposit and Payments

A non refundable deposit of £50 will be taken on confirmation of booking. The remaining balance must be paid prior to the journey or if arrangement agreed to pay on the day.

Breakdowns and Delays

We will always advise journey times, however it maybe out of our control for some delays and breakdowns such as traffic congestion, road closures etc in these instances the journey may take longer than expected and we the company cannot be held liable for any inconvenince caused.

Passengers Conduct

The hirer is responsible for any damage caused by any of the passengers to the vehicle. The driver is responsible for the safety of the vehicle and the passengers at all times and has the right to remove any passengers from the vehicle if they deem the passenger to be a risk to themselves, the vehicle or any other passengers. We also have a zero tolerance policy of any alcoholic beverages to be consumed on the vehicle.

Passengers Property

Passengers property will be stored safely and appropriately at the drivers decision. The driver should be informed by the hirer of any property of value to be carried on the vehicle. We will take all precautions to minimise the risk of any damage to any property left on the vehicle but cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to the items.


In the event of any complaints to be made, the hirer should submit them in writing to the company within 14 days of the journey.